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Foundations of Management - 2018 Volume 10 Annual (18)

Articles FoM(18) are available on the De Gruyter Open platform


  • Witold Kieżun - Four Riders of the Apocalypse of the Polish Bureaucracy
  • Ravindra Hewa Kuruppuge,  Ales Gregar - Employee’s Learning in the Organization - A Study of Knowledge Based Industries
  • Sebastian Kopera, Ewa Wszendybył-Skulska, Joanna Cebulak, Sebastian Grabowski - Interdisciplinarity in Tech Startups Development - Case Study of ‘UniStartApp’ Project
  • Katarzyna Szczepańska-Woszczyna - Strategy, Corporate Culture, Structure and Operational Processes as the Context for the Innovativeness of an Organization
  • Renata Walczak, Marlena Piekut, Magdalena Kludacz-Alessandri, Biruta Sloka, Ligita Šimanskiene, Tiiu Paas - Health Care Spending Structures in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia over the Years as Compared to other EU Countries
  • Miroslaw Moroz - Acceleration of Digital Transformation as a Result of Launching Programs Financed from Public Funds: Assessment of the Implementation of the Operational Program Digital Poland
  • Bhaskar Garimella, Sandeep Shenoy, Rashmi Yogesh Pai, Rishali Shetty - Structured Education for Sustainable Employment: Technology Enabled Queueing Theory Applications
  • Demokaan Demirel - Rethinking Performance Management Practices in Local Administrations? An Evaluation of BV, CPA and WPI Practices in the UK
  • Andrii Halkin - Emotional State of Consumer  in the Urban Purchase: Processing Data
  • Jolanta Słoniec, Reyes González Rodriguez - Reasons of Using IT Outsourcing (ITO) - Polish-Spanish Cross-Cultural Analysis
  • Marcin Kotarba - Digital Transformation of Business Models
  • Jiri Dvorak, Ilona Razova - Empirical Validation of Blue Ocean Strategy Sustainability in an International Environment
  • Hafiez Sofyani - Does Performance-Based Budgeting Have a Correlation with Performance Measurement System? Evidence from Local Government in Indonesia
  • Tadeusz Krupa, Teresa Ostrowska - Security in Topological, Functional and Semiotic Terms
  • An Thanh Hong Nguyen, Tuan Van Nguyen - Working Capital Management and Corporate Profitability: Empirical Evidence from Vietnam
  • Renata Walczak, Anikó Kálmán - Lifelong Learning Expectations of Young Academics - Analysis of Polish and Hungarian Technical Universities
  • Damian Kedziora, Wojciech Piotrowicz, Katarzyna Kolasinska-Morawska - Employee Development and Leadership Perception in the Polish Service Delivery Centres
Foundations of Management