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In response to today's global work environment Engineering Management (EMGT) program at the University of Houston-Clear Lake (UHCL) and Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) in Poland announced that they have agreed to launch a 1+1 Dual Degree Program (DDP) in the fall of 2013. Students may concurrently earn a Master of Science in Engineering Management (MS) in UHCL and earn a Master of Science in Management and Production Engineering (M&PE) in WUT.

Participating students must complete degree requirements for both MS in EMGT and MS in M&PE from both institutions. All participating students must choose the thesis option. The detailed curricular and course transition are explained in Appendice.

  • Participating UHCL students are required to complete predetermined 18 UHCL credits for the first year.
  • Participating UHCL students are required to complete predetermined 60 European Credit Transfer Accumulation Systems (ECTS) credits in English for their second year at WUT.
  • UHCL students must complete thesis during their second year at WUT.

Admission Requirements

Students must satisfy the admission criteria from both institutions to be admitted in the dual degree program.

  • The WUT accepts students in the DDP for fall semesters only (1st of October).
  • Interested candidates from UHCL apply for Master of Science in Management and Production Engineering Program at WUT after satisfying the following requirements:
    • First year fully completed and average grade above B (4.0/5.0 in WUT scale).

Participating students must complete their first two semesters at their home institution with average grade of B or above and satisfy all requirements from the hosting institution during their 3rd and 4th semesters. Each institution may provide equivalent credits for the courses taken at the hosting institution to concurrently award MS degree.


Course No Course Name Credits (ECTS at WUT)
First and second semesters at UHCL
EMGT 5330 Service and Operations Management 3
EMGT 5530 Organizational Analysis and Management 3
EMGT 5531 Technology Planning and Management 3
EMGT 5130 New Business Development 3
SENG 5130 Systems Engineering Processes 3
SENG 5230 Systems Engineering Economics or Equivalent 3
First and second semester total: 18
Third semester at WUT
8 Elements of Business Law 5
15 Works Transport & Storage Systems Engineering 6
20 Operations, Maintenance & Overhaul of Machines & Technical Equipment 6
21 Restructuring & Enterprise Change Management 5
24 Specialization Core Subjects (European Business Models) 2
25 Elective courses 4
26 Diploma Seminar 2
Third semester total: 30
Fourth semester at WUT
25 Elective Courses 10
27 Diploma Thesis 20
Fourth semester total: 30

Estimated cost of attendance at WUT

Semester 3 (30 credit hours):

  • WUT tuition and fee: €2500
  • Application fee: €200
  • Student ID and Transcript Student Book: €10 

Total: €2710

Semester 4 (30 credit hours):

  • UHCL tuition and fee: €2500
  • Thesis defense: €30

Total: €2530

Total Costs: €5240