Students going to Houston

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Here's the information on transfering to Houston for the second year of Master studies.

Participating students must complete their first two semesters at their home institution with average grade of B or above and satisfy all requirements from the hosting institution during their 3rd and 4th semesters. Each institution may provide equivalent credits for the courses taken at the hosting institution to concurrently award MS degree.

  • WUT students must successfully complete their first two semester studies at WUT, and obtain minimum 30 European Credit Transfer Accumulation Systems (ECTS) credits each semester. Based on these 60 ECTS credits earned, students will earn 15 UHCL credit hours.
  • WUT students must earn 21 credits hours at UHCL during their last two semesters, and may earn 60 ECTS credits at WUT.


Course No Course Name ECTS (credits)
First semester (WUT)
3 Ethics for Engineers 1
4 Introduction to Systems Theory and Engineering 2
5 Mathematics Econometrics 4
6 Microeconomics 3
9 Knowledge Engineering 2
10 Production Systems Organization 3
11 Business Forecasting and Simulations 3
12 Human Resource Management 2
13 Strategic Management 2
24 Specialization core subjects 3
First semester total: 30
Second semester (WUT)
7 Elements of Modern Physics 4
14 Financing Development Activities 2
16 Decision-Making Support Systems 3
17 Technology Transfer and Management 3
18 Project and Innovation Management 4
19 Integrated Management Systems 3
22 Corporate Knowledge and Intellectual Property Management 3
24 Specialization core subjects 8
Second semester total: 30
Third semester (Fall/UHCL)
EMGT 5231 Engineering Management Planning 3
SENG 5530 Organizational Analysis & Management 3
Choose two electives from
EMGT 5131 Legal Issues in EMGT or 3
EMGT 5230 Negotiation Strategies 3
EMGT 5331 Six Sigma Quality 3
EMGT 5630 Quantitative Decision Making in EMGT 3
EMGT 5730 Fundamentals of ERP Systems or other approved Electives 3
Third semester total: 12
Forth semester (Spring/UHCL)
EMGT 5430 Professional Project Management 3
EMGT 6939 Master’s Thesis Research 6
Fourth semester total: 9