Erasmus+ Internships

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Internship abroad adds a great value to your resume, being highly appreciated by the employers worldwide. Check the instructions on how you could get a placement within Erasmus+ program.

Inbound Interns

Unfortunately, as of AY 2020/2021, Faculty of Management does not offer any internship possibilities.

Outbound Interns

As a Faculty of Management student, you can go abroad for an internship in one of the EU countries, as well as Norway, Liechtenstein, Turkey and Iceland. The host organization must hold an ECHE (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education). Graduates are also allowed to go for an internship, although the placement must start and end within 12 months after graduation.

Minimum internship duration is 2 months, maximum is 12 months.

Qualification is conducted annually. Last day of qualification for the following AY is March 30th (AY prior to the year of the mobility). Student must provide the International Office with the application form, a resume and a motivational letter.

After the internal qualification, student must provide Centre for International Collaboration with the additional documentation. Student can find a company individually, or check the employers list at CIC.

For further information, contact Faculty's International Office.