Resources for Students

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Warsaw University of Technology offers some useful utilities for its students. Check the information on WiFi, emails and DreamSpark.


Further and always up-to-date instructions on accessing the student email is available on the WUT's Centre for Informatization website. Please remember, that using this email is mandatory. If you forgot your password, you can establish a new one at the office.

Address layout is, ie. if your student no. is 00YX99, your email address is


Network's SSID: pwwifi-students

Password: randomly generated; student can obtain the password at the office.


The following services are available:

  • http (TCP80 - transparent via Proxy)
  • https (TCP 443 – PW network) – Proxy,
  • IMAPS (TCP 993)
  • POPS3S (TCP 995)
  • SMTP (TCP 557)
  • DNS from the local server (UDP 53)

Proxy server is available ( or


Please contact for an assistance.