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The current scientific profile of the Faculty of Management stems from the long tradition of management research and teaching at an university level.

Karol Adamiecki

Karol Adamiecki

It was the Warsaw University of Technology that pioneered management studies in Poland and possibly in the world. In 1919, Polish engineer and academic, Professor Karol Adamiecki began a series of lectures on work organisation. Along with US engineer Frederic W. Taylor, he is considered the world’s pioneer in academic research of work management. Prof. Adamiecki was the founder and the first dean of the Faculty of Work Organisation Principles and Industrial Enterprises (1922 – 1933) at the WUT Department of Mechanics.

It was the starting point of the new academic units founded in 1953: Engineering and Economics Unit (teaching and administration) and the Faculty of Management, Economics and Planning in Machine Manufacturing Industries (research) – both within the Department of Mechanics and Technology. These units were restructured and merged with the Faculty of Production Economics and Organisation (part of the Faculty of Precision Mechanics) in 1970 and gave rise to the Institute of Production Systems Organisation, restructured and renamed into the Faculty of Management in 2008.

Therefore, the roots of the Polish organisation and management science are in the Warsaw University of Technology. In modern times, as the economy is becoming global and manufacturing is integrated management courses experience a renaissance in technical universities. The Faculty of Management is certainly evidence to this trend.